Read what matters.

Read what matters.

SnippetMEdia is a mobile app available on Android and iOS that seeks to
become a single destination for users to easily access thousands of the
world's best news sources, choose the stories and topics they want, and be
in the know about local and global events.


The goal of SnippetMEdia is two-fold:

  • To make reading and discovering online content easier by saving
    users the time and effort in finding what they want among multiple
  • To become a trusted platform where people can read stories from
    the widest range of trusted news sources and form their own opinion
    about local and global issues.


360 View

Related stories are not enough?

Get the whole picture with SnippetMEdia 360 View.
Our team of local editors handpicks the best reports from
trusted sources around the globe and combine them to tell
you the full story behind today's
biggest news.


Our artificial intelligence platform personalizes your news streams based on your interests automatically. The more you read, the better it gets.


Follow the news categories you want in the order you want. Choose the blogs, newspapers, channels, magazines, and websites you trust.

No Internet?

No Problem. - Read the news while offline when you are out of coverage. Save articles for reading later.